Golf Dogfight

The Golf Dogfight program greatly simplifies the process of running your weekly Dogfight Tournaments!

Simply enter the players and their Quota Points (look up previous players' quota points from past games), print out the score cards (the program selects the team members), enter the scores as the teams turn them in and then print the payoff sheet.

Make the payoff and meet everyone at 19th Hole. You'll be there before they put their clubs away.

Just a few features of the Golf Dogfight program are;
  • Four different team selection methods, Quota Points, Ranking, Modified Quota Points or the SWMGA method.
  • Maintains a "History" file with all of the players' previous scores, by course.
  • Average Quota Points are calculated based on the number of rounds you select.
  • UNLIMITED number of Tournaments running at the same time!
  • Different player selection method for each Tournament.
  • Export "History" file data to many popular file formats, such as Excel, Lotus123, Text, etc.
  • Limit team size to four or five players.
  • Maximum number of teams is 50.
  • File Utilities for Backup and Restore operations.

The Golf Dogfight program is available for download and has a 30-day FREE evaluation period for your convenience. Download and try it at your next tournament. You'll be pleased with the results! Only $29.95.