Our goal at M. W. Pitts, Inc. is to provide software that meets your specific needs and simplifies your life. Our software products are specifically designed to be economical and user friendly while still performed the functions you demand. Our program forms minimize keystroke input and reduce mouse movements to a minunum which results in faster and easier data entry.

We believe you should be completely satisfied with our products before you purchase them. For that reason each of our programs has a free evaluation period before you have to make the decision to purchase.

We also believe that minor revisions to the programs should be free of charge to our customers. You will be notified by email as programs are revised. New releases are available from our web site and each program will automatically update your existing program to the latest revision.

In a continuing effort to keep the price of our software as economical as possible the price does not include a program CD. Program CDs are sold seperately. All of our programs are available for download from our website. Should you need to install one of our products onto a new computer please contact us at admin@mwpitts.com for instructions.