Add excitement to your next golf tournament.
Include the Pari-Mutuel Golf Betting program to make the tournament more
interesting for both the players and the club members.

The program is very simple to use. Enter the Teams for the tournament, take the bets and enter them in the Bets section of the program, after the golf scores are in, enter the Winners. The program calculates the payoff for each winning bet and prints a Payoff Report for your use in dispursing the cash.

The Utilities section allows you to change the House Percentage and to clear the tables to begin a new game.
It could not be any EASIER!!

The Pari-Mutuel Golf program is available for download and has a 30-day FREE evaluation period for your convenience. Download and try it at your next tournament. You'll be pleased with the results and the price is only $29.95. The Para-Mutuel Golf program only functions on Windows operating systems.