Punch List Software

During this construction punch lists were made with charcoal and papyrus.

Today they are made using pen and paper.

Not much has changed in the art of punch lists since the days of the sphinx's construction. Today most punch list are generated with either a tape recorder or the old pen and paper. After they are generated they are usually converted to a word processor file and printed for everyone's use. Reorganizing, assigning responsibility or dropping off completed items is a time consuming and tedious task at best and, as in the old days, is usually performed in long hand.

The Punch List program will not replace the tape recorder, or the pen and paper in generating the original punch list. After all, someone still has to physically look at the project to generate the punch list. It will be a tremendous help, however converting the punch list items into a working tool that will streamline the entire process of completing the project.

Features of the Punch List Software

  • Groups the Punch List items into Building, Area, Room No. and System & Startup Package, or any combination thereof.
  • No need to re-type, re-occurring punch list items. Select from previously entered information for each data entry field.
  • E-Mail Reponsibility Reports to all subcontractors.
  • A variety of different Reports from which to select.
  • Each report can be printed for any Responsibility, so each subcontractor can have a list with only their items.
  • Room Report prints out the punch list items for each room on a separate sheet of paper for posting at the room entrance.
  • Status Report gives you the percent complete for each subcontractor.
  • Items are dropped from the "Open" Reports after the Architect/Engineer has verified them as complete.
  • An unlimited number of projects and punch list items can be entered into the system and tracked.
  • Percent Complete is calculated for each project thus keeping you up todate on the progress being made.
  • Items are automatically numbered for you.
  • Exports and Imports Punch List Data to and from Excel file format.

The Punch List program is availiable for download and has a 30-day evaluation period for your convenience. Make your projects close out much smoother. Download the Punch List program today and try the it. The total cost is only $29.95.